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We are constantly working with various partners in and out of the sporting industry in order to achieve our goals and grow together. We understand that teamwork and partnerships are key in ensuring the sporting industry of Malaysia thrives and develops. 


Akal Kukuh Sdn Bhd was established on 22 April 1994 and is a bumiputra company which has entered the field of engineering works. This company is registered with the Contractors Service Centre (PKK) and the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB). Akal Kukuh Sdn Bhd objective is to support the construction and development industries by delivering products of high quality and providing responsive, effective and consistently high quality services.



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Providing professional client-focused construction solutions. They constantly go above and beyond in all their projects and deliver on their promises with integrity. Their daily actions are guided by their core values; the commitment to outstanding job completion, exceptional customer service and superior safety performance. These have made them a partner of choice in the construction industry. The team hails from every craft and expertise in the field, allowing them to combine innovative construction methods and accountable project management to get the job done and done right.


Growing up in Malaysia, MILO is not a strange brand to the Malaysians. Those who grew up in Malaysian schools will remember eagerly waiting in line for a cup of deliciously brewed Milo from the iconic MILO truck. But besides than the delicious drink, MILO also promote active lifestyle align to our sports business mission and vision. We have been a part of MILO Champions Clinic and MILO Hidup Bola project that have bring plenty of benefit to the younger generations of youth within the nation to believe in sports and fulfil and reach their maximum potential.




Joma is a Spanish sports clothing manufacturer that currently produces footwear and clothing for football, futsal, handball, basketball, volleyball, running, tennis, and padel. Its headquarters are located in Spain. Joma was founded in 1965 to produce shoes for general use. In the futsal scene in Malaysia, JOMA can be considered one of the fastest futsal growing brand in the nation thus we see it as an opportunity to work together align with our profile since 2018 until this day. Joma are definitely among the very elite, when it comes to indoor and futsal shoes. They have spent a lot of time focusing solely on the improvement of their futsal models, which absolutely shows in the result.


Kelme, is also a Spanish sportswear company that creates and produces apparel and shoes. It was founded in 1963 by Diego and José Quiles and its products are destined for the football, futsal, basketball, running and tennis markets. Kelme has become a hallmark in the futsal courts by becoming in 2013 the Official Sponsor of the LNFS. The quality of their products is enough to satisfy the needs of players playing in high level futsal in Europe. The wide rage of models we find in Kelme, have all the characterisctics you need to find your favorite shoe.


It is a purely domestic Korean brand that pursues globalization as its own brand that has challenged the sports apparel market with Made in KOREA tag. They started with the production of clothing related to soccer and futsal, and custom-producing sports-related team wear, professional sportswear, and training clothes. For the record, Sportizza is the only company to hold the right to distribute to over 47 Asian countries to penetrate and work together with this Korean brand.



Techy Apes - Digital Solutions are a digital marketing agency based in Malaysia that truly listens. Before they begin any project, they will take the time to understand their client's business. This allows them to provide clear directions on how to grow their clients online presence and get better results.

They believe in building trusting & lasting relationships. They have a very open, friendly, and collaborative approach. Their aim is to help drive their clients digital marketing efforts and maximize their potential online, so that they can focus on other aspects of growing their business.




Established for almost 12 years in the Malaysian sports industry whos main objective is to help athletes, sports teams and organizations in marketing. CY on the move also provides consultation assistance in finalizing sports business deals, which may vary from corporate sponsorship of major sporting events to helping individual players in making profits from endorsement deals. They work with various clients and organizations like sports leagues, sports teams, media partners, content distributors, promoters, venue operators, service providers and investors.


Toto Sports are collectively brought together with more than 40 years of senior management experience from the sports industry, especially in Professional Administration Management and organizing. They aim to deliver world class sport events in Asia and the rest of the world. 

Toto sports vision is to be the industry's leading sports brand by producing professional sports equipment which maintain our high quality standards and affordable pricing strategy.




Zentril Sport is Sportizza's partner that produces and distribute Sport Energy and Rehydration products. Their products also provides knee - joint protection to the athletes that are involved in high intensity sports and training. It increases energy and replaces the salts in our body in a short time.

Zentril Sports has proven its efficacy in maintaining joint health for more than 10 years. The combination of ingredients helps enhance joint flexibility as well as support sports performances. 


Ace Seven Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in all things sports. 

Our team comprises of individuals that have a combined 20+ years in the sports and marketing industry. We aim to help companies in the industry to improve their brand presence and marketing capabilities